MASS Exchange

Date: spring 2015 – present
Categories: product design, interaction design, visual communications design, front-end web development
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, D3.js

MASS Exchange is building a programmatic futures exchange for advertising, and has taken the Wall Street futures exchange model and adapted it for trading advertising.

I am the visual communications designer for our product, and I work closely with the creative director to execute the UI/UX and visual design for its interface. My tasks frequently include designing mockups in Adobe Illustrator, based on UI/UX wireframes provided to me, and rapidly prototyping them in HTML and CSS. The prototypes are then passed on to a development team.

Our product is still undergoing development, hence at this time I’m unable to show images of our interface design. If you have any more questions about my involvement in its design, please contact me.