People, Not Races

Date: winter 2014
Dimensions: 14 11″ x 14″ panels
Media: Micron pen

The compulsion to make this comic arose during the Israel-Gaza conflict in 2014. Every day I was bombarded by differing opinions from family, friends, social media, newspapers and blogs. I could not express a smidgeon of support for one side or the other without being accused of being against the other side. As a middle eastern Jew who has lots of Arabic and Jewish friends and family, who empathizes with both sides of the conflict, this began to get to me. I was baffled by how heavily polarized people’s views tend to be in this conflict. After all, one has to wonder: if there were a clear distinction between the good and the evil side, would this conflict really be as complicated as it is?

The comic focuses on the premise that in the midst of all the hatred and fear, all the parties involved are human, and that most of them want peace. It does so through my personal experiences with Jews and Arabs. I have witnessed a lot of bigotry between both sides, and it deeply upsets me. Many of the most wonderful people I have known happen to be Jews and Arabs, and it pains me to imagine people dismissing all their amazing qualities, reducing them to racial caricatures and stereotypes.

This comic was exhibited in the 2015 Black and White Show at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and in my solo exhibit Too Much Information. It is the start of a series of comics I intend to make on the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Prints of it can be purchased in my shop.